Pioneer dress and pioneer clothing

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Calico Annie specializes in pioneer clothing, including the pioneer dress, and costumes throughout history.   We promise to pay attention to authenticity and use quality materials.  We are a G-rated company and only promote tasteful clothing.  We can custom cut your garments for no extra charge, so they will fit well, and everything is guaranteed.

Children's pioneer dress and pioneer clothing

Women's pioneer dress and pioneer clothing

Children's  historical clothing

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About us
We are based in Dallas, TX and have been in business for 15 years.
To buy

Step 1-Decide which item or items you want, and call us at (972)247-6555 or e-mail us at, and we can discuss the details.

Step 2- Send checks to Calico Annie, 2727 Leta Mae Circle, Dallas, TX 75234.  When we receive your money order, check or credit card okay from Pay Pal, we start sewing.

If you want a perfect fit, we can make you a muslin bodice.  Our costumes have the look of authentic.  If you are a museum or have a need to make the dress absolutely authentic, let us know.  The price will vary from the item on the website.

I have been sewing for 45 years and have made and worn costumes of different periods of time.  I have received recognition and awards throughout the years for my designs.  Thank you for giving us your business.

    Sincerely, Ann Cheever (owner)

Dreams sewn for you.  Many of the drawings of pioneer clothing are done by Betty Bradley