4 Tips on Choosing and Applying Hypoallergenic Makeup

You may have an Angelina Jolie face with full lips and high cheekbones, or a facial skin tone that glows like Beyoncé’s deep mocha skin. But what if you have a very sensitive skin? How can you enhance your looks if you can’t wear makeup, fearing that you’ll develop rashes, pimples, or other allergic reactions? You don’t have to worry because you can get a hypoallergenic makeup to complement your Angelina-like or Beyoncé-like facial features.

Wearing a hypoallergenic makeup is no different from that of regular cosmetics. You just need an extra ounce of care before, during, and after the application of makeup. Here are some useful tips:

1. Consider your skin type

When you choose the perfect makeup for you, get the one that matches your skin type. Especially if you have oily skin, an oil-free, water-based makeup works better for you. Water-based makeup will also prevent pimple breakouts.

2. Check the labels

Checking product labels is just as important as getting hypoallergenic products. For women with allergic reactions to makeup, comparing ingredients of various cosmetics is the key to getting the safest one.

3. Apply makeup using natural light

When you apply your makeup, do it under a natural room light. Sufficient lighting helps in seeing if you have applied just the right amount of makeup. Even if you’re using hypoallergenic cosmetic products, you should not use them excessively—unless you intend to look like a clown.

4. Leave no trace of makeup on your face before you sleep

Finally, you need to wash your face thoroughly before you go to bed with the help of makeup removers, facial wash, and cold creams. Make sure you never leave any trace of makeup even if it’s hypoallergenic.

Getting dolled up using a hypoallergenic makeup can help you achieve a look that’s worthy of a second glance. You don’t have to be an Angelina or Beyoncé to get such attention even if you are allergic to makeup.