5 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Star Trek Fans

Are you a loyal Trekkie? If space adventure is your thing, then why not spice up your Halloween presence by donning your favorite Star Trek costumes?

To give you an idea on what to wear for your next Halloween party, the following are the five most popular Star Trek costumes:

1. Star Trek The Movie (2009) costumes

Moviegoers saw the characters dressed in Star Trek costumes that are more sophisticated than the original ones. The tops have two layers with a quilted pattern over a shirt. Like in the original, the colors of the shirts indicate the crew where a character belongs (i.e., blue for medical and science officers, red for technicians and security personnel, and gold for command officers). Female Starfleet officers wear skirts and short sleeves.

2. The Next Generation (1987-1994) uniforms

These costumes include a jumpsuit with a color that identifies which part of the crew a person is in. On the right side of the collar is a rank insignia, while a Starfleet communicator badge is on the left chest.

Image Source: StarTrek.com

3. Deep Space Nine (1993-1999) uniforms

A different set of costumes was used for Deep Space Nine TV series. The costumes are one-piece open-necked jumpsuits that have black torsos and colored shoulders that indicate the character’s part in the Starfleet crew.

4. Voyager (1995-2001) uniforms

Because it is set at about the same period as the Deep Space Nine, the Star Trek Voyager used the same uniforms as that of its predecessor.

5. Enterprise (2001-2005) uniforms

The male and female costumes include a blue jumpsuit with colored piping around the shoulders, which indicates a character’s section in the crew. The jumpsuit is matched with a dark long-sleeved undershirt.