What are the Best Oversized Sunglasses for You?

Large sunglasses are the latest craze in fashion nowadays. Oversized sunglasses will look hot and chic on you, as long as you wear the right pair. You don’t want to look funny in a set of bumblebee eyes, do you? So choose the best oversized sunglasses to achieve the glamorous movie-star look you’ve always desired.

The best oversized sunglasses balance out the shape of your face to highlight its best features. Choosing the wrong style will emphasize unpleasant facial features such as wide forehead and jaws.

The following are tips on choosing the right style of oversized sunglasses according to your facial shape:

Oval face
You can wear any style, shape, and design of oversized sunglasses. Because your face is already proportional, any kind of sunglasses will look perfect on you. Square frames with slightly rounded edges will make you look stunning.

Round face
Choose rectangular sunglasses to make your face leaner and longer. At all cost, avoid wearing oversized sunglasses with round frames because they will highlight the shape of your face. Instead, opt for angular frames that will balance out your round face.

Square face
Wear oversized sunglasses with round or curvy frames to soften your angular features and strong jawline.

Oblong face
Square or round sunglass frames will shorten your long face as well as widen your narrow face. To widen your face, you can also wear oversized sunglasses with elaborate designs on the temples of the sunglass frames.

Triangular face
Cat eye-style sunglasses that angle outwards at the top corners of the frames are the best oversized sunglasses for faces with a wide upper part and a narrow lower part.

Heart-shaped face
Choose round or oval sunglasses to soften the wide cheekbones. The best oversized sunglasses for heart-shaped faces are those that gently angle outwards at the lower corners of the frame.

The cardinal rule for using oversized sunglasses: wear only those that flatter your face. The rule of the thumb is to pick the sunglass style that complements your face shape and has the right size for your face.