Bridal Jewelry Accessories that are Perfect for Different Wedding Gown Styles and Bridal Face Shape

Having a hard time choosing the accessories to wear on your big day? Don’t fret. Any bride can look beautiful wearing jewelry accessories such as a necklaces, corsets or even bralettes, that can complement her look. Here are some guidelines that can help you decide on the accessories to use on your wedding day.

Best bridal jewelry accessories according to wedding gown style

  • Halter top – The best choice for a wedding dress with halter-top neckline is a lariat necklace, which adds a touch of elegance to the neck and to the bare back. The bride may opt not to wear a necklace with a halter-top dress but rather a pair of glamorous chandelier earrings.
  • Open back – A lariat necklace is also flattering for any gown designed to expose the bride’s back.
  • Strapless – Your choices for bridal jewelry accessories are endless if your wedding dress exposes your bare shoulders.
  • V neck – A Y-style necklace that seamlessly follows the shape of this gown’s neckline looks definitely great. A round necklace or choker can also accentuate the V-shaped neckline of your dress.

Best bridal jewelry accessories according to the bride’s facial shape

  • Round face – To make the face look longer, wear long dangling earrings. You may also want to wear a tiara with a peak to elongate your round face.
  • Rectangle face – Short earrings are the best accessories for brides with rectangle face.
  • Oval shape – You’re very lucky if you have an oval face because it means you can wear any style of earrings. If you’re going to wear a tiara, choose a simple one. Avoid donning a tiara with a peak because it will make your face look longer.
  • Square face – Wear hoop or round earrings for that fabulous look.
  • Heart-shaped face – Triangular chandelier earrings perfectly complement a heart-shaped face.

Other accessories that can turn a bride into a real-life fairy tale princess include bracelets and hairpins. It’s up to the bride to choose the bridal jewelry accessories that can make her look elegant and stunning. Just remember not to overdo it—accessories are always meant to complement a person’s look, not to overshadow it.